Toothache Pain Relief For Dogs

by admin on April 4, 2010

This pain will be from a slight tinge to excruciatingly intolerable. But before we start having sleepless nights and swollen faces, there are a lot of ways to stop toothache on its tracks. Toothache Pain Relief For DogsOf which, many are just home made recipes using ingredients that are commonly found in our kitchens. To stop toothache on its tracks, one should make sure to apply first-aid remedies at the onset of pain.

Assessing your toothache pain will serve well to stop toothache on its tracks. A number of reasons cause this pain, but mostly these are caused by dental cavities. Sore gums, mouth sores, impacted wisdom tooth and soft gum tissues are among the reasons of toothache pain. For pains caused by dental cavities and abscessed tooth, an initial remedy of a mixture of lukewarm salt water and rock salt as gargle will help allay infections and swollen gums.

To stop this pain fast, a drop of clove oil will surely help you rest easy. Clove Oil has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that helps us steer away from infections and really stops toothache pain on its tracks. It is available readily in your local pharmacies, packaged in small bottles and available as an over-the-counter medicine. Because of its strong components, clove oil must be used sparingly. It is advised to use a cotton ball, soak in a bit of extract and apply directly on affected tooth area.

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Another favorite way to alleviate pain and stop toothache is to down a shot of whiskey! Whiskey and/or brandy is a reliable remedy to numb the pain. Soak a cotton ball with brandy and apply on the tooth area, this gives instant numbing and alleviates the pain. A glassful of whiskey thereafter will help you rest easy.

A natural way of stopping toothache in its tracks is by acupressure. It is a healing practice that makes use of your pressure points by using the fingers. Massage the area between your thumb and index finger in a circular motion. Use a bit of force, giving it a firm yet gentle massage for five minutes in five second intervals.

Dental problems caused by abscessed tooth and cavities should be treated swiftly, not only to stop the pain in its tracks but to prevent further damage. An untreated abscessed tooth can lead to complications of the heart, like rheumatic heart disease. As these toothache pains are mostly caused by bacteria, anti-bacterial medications are a requirement in treatment.

Apart from the home remedies that we are suggesting, there are other helpful drugs available in our drugstores. A few pops of Ibuprofen may help stop the toothache in its tracks. However, treating your pain with pain suppressants should only be a temporary thing. This can immediately relieve you, but will not assure you of treatment. Home and alternative toothache pain relief is highly recommended for its safety and efficiency. You don’t have to worry about side effects because all remedies suggested are natural.

Yet as all pains are, these can be just symptoms of something more that is going wrong. It is still best to have your toothache checked by your doctor and/or dentist soonest possible time. A professional assessment of your situation will assure you that things could not go any more wrong.

In the meantime, stop toothache pain in its tracks when you can and enjoy the rest of your day, weekend or any affair without a toothache hampering you.

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